AeroFlite is a value-added facility and authorized distributor for Radiall, an international and global manufacturer, of interconnect components serving the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Space, and Telecommunication industries.

DSX Series – ARINC 404

The Radiall DSX rack and panel series are multipin rectangular connectors used to electrically interface avionics equipment to equipment rack.

NSX – ARINC 600 / BPX – Multi-Contact Connectors

NSX Series (defined by ARINC 600 specifications) and BPX series (defined by Boeing S280W551 specification) are multipin rack and panel connectors used to connect high performance aeronautical equipments.

NSX – Rear Removable Contacts

  • NSX N
  • NSX C
  • NSX E
  • NSX H

NSX – Front Removable Contacts

  • NSX F
  • NSX G

NSX – Single Shell

  • NSX


  • NSX – EMI / RFI




  • BPX


LuxCis® termini contacts and connectors are in compliance with the ARINC 801 standard.The LuxCis® compact design is optimized for high-density solutions compatible with high level of vibration. The LuxCis® termini has been qualified for aeronautic programs and can also be used in other applications such as military, naval, oil research, railway, medical, ata, telecommunications and others.LuxCis® termini contacts are manufactured according to EN/AS/JISQ9100

EPX® Series (EN4644)

The EPX® Series offers a wide range of solutions based on two insert sizes with a large variety of shells and contacts. The EPX® Series is completely modular and expandable. The EPX® Series connector is standardized by the EN4644 European standard.

MM & MB Series

The miniature and subminiature rectangular multi-contact connectors meet the requirements of the standard MIL-C-2874 performance requirements. The connectors in each series consist of an insulator with male and female contacts which include several pin sizes.

MPX Series

The Radiall MPX Series is a robust rectangular connector designed to meet all the requirements of the MIL-DTL85327B specification. The design conforms to the EN 3682.

Quadrax Contacts

Quadrax is the best electrical solution for: High speed electrical network applications, excellent network performances, crosstalk, return loss, high density of links, harsh environment use.