Amphenol Air LB Connectors

Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and Asian Airframe Manufacturers

AeroFlite is an authorized distributor and value-added facility for Amphenol Air LB. Amphenol Air LB is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high performance standard and custom interconnect solutions and accessories. Amphenol Air LB designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic, and fiber optic connectors, interconnect systems, and coaxial and specialty cables. Amphenol Air LB’s primary end markets are Aerospace, Military and Communications.

Value-Added Assembly Rectangle Connectors

Type 1900 Series to ASNE-0390,  EN3545 Specifications

Rectangular Connectors

Rectangular Series

SIM, SIM III, 1705-1715, 1720, 1900, 1977

Sealed Subminiature Connectors – EPC

Available in five shell sizes (male and female) 9, 15, 25, 37, 50

Cable Supports

ASNE-0254, ASNE-0256, NSA935504, BO8160

Terminal Junction Systems

Terminal Series

1100, 1400, 1750, 1755, 1777

Circular Grounding Module

Series 001174

Terminal Block

Circular Connectors

1331 & 1322 Series, 1441 & 1442 Series, Metallic Push-Pull, Signal & Power, Sealed to IP66

Relay Sockets

 ASNE-2019, ASNE 0247, ASNE 0249, ASNE 0250, ASNE 0251, NF F 00 363, MIL-C-39029

Amphenol Air LB Part Number Cross Reference

Amphenol Air LBMilitary STDDescriptionAerospatialeAecmaOTANNF C 93-462
SIMSIM Connectors
000842Power Junction Block5310143
000843Power Junction Block5310144
001101RailNSA 937 901EN3708
00157XRelay SocketASN-E
00158XRelay SocketANS-E & ASN-02
001107Mounting BracketsNSA 937594014
001109Sealed PlugsNSA 9385935
001115Sealed ModulesNSA 937 901EN3708-0035999143HL103
001150Stud Junction BlocksNSA 937 9015940143
001174Circular ModulesASN E04255920 14
001181Junction Blocks5940 143
001183Junction Blocks5940 143
001184Junction Blocks5940 143
001185Junction Blocks5940 143
001186Junction Blocks5970 143
001401Sealed ModulesNSA 18205940 143HL102-1N
001402Sealed ModulesNSA 18XX5940144HL102-1A
001440Through ModulesNSA 182X5940144HL102-2X
001751Composite RailASNE 05975940144HL105P2
001755Sealed Modules5940144HL105-1X
001758Sealed Modules5940144HL105-3B
00176XBJT Stud Terminal Junction Blocks5940144
001765PCB Soldered ComponentsASNE 05985940144
012439Junction Block Component Carrier5940143
02235XJunction Block Component Carrier594014X
024055Stud Junction BlocksNSA 937-90161501437
122360Junction Block Component Carrier5940142
122382Junction Block Component Carrier9905 14X
003261Cable SupportsNSA 935504, ASNE 0675, ALBCBS