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Air Travel Tips For El Niño This Holiday Season

There’s no question that El Niño is coming fast.

In some parts of the country, heavy rain and snow have already fallen, making regular, every day commutes difficult and slow. When bad weather hits, it’s common to expect delays due to the tough traveling conditions, but this doesn’t have to hamper your entire holiday.

In fact, there are ways to work around and completely avoid these conditions without having to miss out on family and friend festivities whether they’re close to home or further away.

Secure your holiday season from El Niño with the following tips and suggestions.

1. How to Avoid Tough Traveling Conditions

A rule of thumb when it comes to travel is to always plan. Planning ahead can save you a lot of grief and time, making holiday travel a lot smoother. As El Niño is a large, highly publicized weather event, you should have plenty of time to plan your travels to different destinations, wherever they may be. Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking a train, you can find alternate routes, dates to travel, and even cheaper travel fare.

Typically, weather sites and apps like AccuWeather, Yahoo Weather, or MSN weather forecast up to ten days in advance, and sometimes further. Using these tools to help you plan, you can usually plot out which days are good to begin or end travel, and which to avoid. These tools are most helpful for travelers who are driving, but they can be useful for other forms of travel as well.

2. Can’t Avoid It? Tips for Traveling in Tough Weather

It is important to note that if you can’t avoid a bout of rain or snow, these tips should help you stay safe when traveling in rainy or snowy conditions. 

If you’re flying or taking a train, you have less control over when you travel, meaning you can’t always avoid poor weather conditions. If this is the case for you, you should remember the following:

  • Flying is still considered the safest way to travel. Even if storms or other difficult weather arise, you can expect to be safe while up in the air. If you have anxiety about flying in poor weather, you can work to calm yourself by drinking water, taking deep breaths, or appointing a traveling partner to help calm you down through different techniques.
  • In recent times, train travel has been put under scrutiny due to derailment and crashes. While this is alarming, train travel is also considered to be safe. Be wary of heavy and rain and snow, but in most conditions, even those mentioned, this form of travel is both safe and efficient.

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3. How to Deal When Your Travel Plans Fall Through

As stated, El Niño is expected to be brutal this year, bringing heavy rain and snow throughout the country. California is expected to bear the brunt of the storm, meaning travel in and out of the state may stop completely if the storms become highly dangerous and powerful. With this in mind, some travelers may have to stay put despite their best efforts. If this happens, there are things you can still do to enjoy your holiday:

  • If You’re Separated from Loved Ones, Connect Online: Video chats, phone calls, and emails are all great ways to connect with friends and family who are far away. Most apps are free or come at a very small cost, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to connect this way.
  • Do Something Special: Cooking a favorite meal, taking yourself shopping, or watching a beloved movie are great ways to spend a solo holiday. While you can’t be with your family, doing these small things you enjoy to do can make the day so much better.
  • Connect With Friends: If your family isn’t near, connect with friends. Join a friend’s family for the holiday, have friends over and spend the holiday together, or go out with a few friends to a restaurant, party, or other function.
  • Have a Plan Ready for Next Year: When plans fall through, it can be frustrating, but next year is a new option. If you’re expecting to travel, have a few plans set up. For example if you’re expecting to fly, have a few airlines set up to choose from when the time comes to buy tickets. If your destination is a little closer and can be reached by car or bus, have a few backup plans there as well. If not the car, try the bus, if not the bus, the train, and so on.

The weather is always an unpredictable thing, but this year’s coming El Niño makes a difficult season even worse. Though this may be the case, you don’t have to let the coming storms ruin your whole holiday. With these tips, suggestions, and ideas, your holiday should run smoothly even with any potential snags that could arise.

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