AeroFlite Celebrating 40 Years of Service

Letter from the President

In 1977, AeroFlite began its venture by supporting the airline aftermarket, original equipment manufacturers, and airframe manufacturers worldwide with electrical products of the highest quality, specializing in assembly of electrical connectors, and inventory to support their customer’ every requirement at highly competitive prices.

Today, AeroFlite has become the industry benchmark for product support and customer service. We specialize in value-added assembly of high-reliability electrical connectors, accessories, custom wire harnesses, custom cable assemblies, and Fuel Quantity Indicating Systems (FQIS) all crafted, via the technical knowledge and problem-solving expertise of our quality design and engineering teams.

AeroFlite operates two modern manufacturing facilities, totaling 35,000 sq. ft., which house six different assembly rooms. One facility is fitted with fully computerized; state-of-the-art equipment dedicated entirely too custom cable and wire harness assembly.

Continuously focusing on the customer, every member of the AeroFlite team plays an import role in customer satisfaction. We are recognized as the preferred supplier in every market we serve. Keeping current with our industry’s continually changing requirements is reserved for our competitors, while we at AeroFlite elect to lead and help set the standards for which others aspire. Our process of continuous improvement insures exceptional quality of products and service you can rely on. AeroFlite’s commitment to quality reads:

“When it comes to our customers, we have only one quality policy…Excellence.”

I am very proud to serve as the President and CEO, walking by the side of every AeroFlite team member and continuing to be part of an industry for which I have dedicated over 50 years of my life.

Lesley A. Hall
President and CEO

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