Value-Added Assembly Facility, Stocking Distributor, Customer Design Integration, Engineering and Manufacturing Center

AeroFlite is an authorized, stocking distributor and value-added assembly facility for leading aviation industry parts Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) such as Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Souriau, Radiall,  ARINCAmphenol Aerospace,  Amphenol Air LB,  Glenair, Inc., Carlisle Interconnect Technologies/Tri-Star Electronics International Inc., and Cooper Interconnect formerly WPI Viking.

Since 1977, AeroFlite has been an authorized stocking and value-added assembly facility supporting the commercial aerospace, airline aftermarket and military / defense industries.

With over 40 years of committed service in the industry, we offer the commercial aviation and aerospace communities the experience and reliability of superior distribution, sales and technical support. Our sales and marketing team offers our customers many years of faithful service, strong product knowledge and a level of excellent professional support second to none in our industry.

AeroFlite Enterprises operates a 36,000 sq. ft. “in house” authorized Assembly and Stocking Facility staffed by a skilled team of quality technicians with customer design integration and engineering experience. AeroFlite stocks an extensive, ready, inventory of commercial aviation and military/defense products. We supply new products from some of the industry’s largest OEM certified manufacturers. AeroFlite maintains complete and accurate certification on all products providing customers the proper certification documentation required on all products purchased. AeroFlite’s team pride themselves with meeting customer requirements, on demand, relying on an unprecedented inventory of connector assembly components, completed connectors and related accessories.

Through our managed inventory and bin stocking replenishments of customer component inventory, AeroFlite has the flexibility to quickly adjust to unique customer usage patterns. Industry tried and proven methods including Just-In-Time (JIT) and KanBan (a scheduling system that helps determine what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce), provide customers with zero risk.

AeroFlite is a certified supplier and full-service partner to major OEMs. We help companies improve their manufacturing processes by offering exceptional customer service and competitive prices, assisting customers from prototype to production, and providing the best manufacturing value for custom close-tolerance components and assemblies.

Our Assembly Facility’s engineering department utilizes cooperative engineering techniques for customer-designed integration to manufacture connectors and harnesses to each customer’s unique specifications. We use the best combination of materials and processes available to meet customer-specified requirements.

Our engineering teams are comprised of manufacturing, test and quality assurance (QA) professionals, plus numerical control programmers, program management staff and contracts administrators. Teams work as a unit on new projects. This concept of simultaneous engineering optimizes product assembly and fabrication while focusing on customer and market needs.

AeroFlite is a specialist in general assembly contract manufacturing, working with customers’ design, through engineering, fabrication, assembly, wiring and testing. Our value-added services include:

  • Assembly, General
  • Assembly, Gluing: UV/Epoxy
  • Assembly, Military/Aerospace
  • Assembly, Specialty Products
  • Cable & Harness Assembly
  • Cable Assembly: Fiber optic
  • Cable Assembly: Molded
  • Crimping per IPC-J-STD
  • Soldering per IPC-J-STD
  • Cable, Custom
  • Assembly, Custom
  • Connector Assembly & Modification
  • Electromechanical Device Assembly
  • Managed inventory programs and bin stocking replenishments of customer inventory: Just-In-Time (JIT) and KanBan

Our custom production capabilities include customer design integration, quick-turnaround prototyping, fabrication and assembly of specialty products to specification, harnessing (wire and cable assemblies), 100% process inspection, in-house testing, systematic quality assurance QA measurement and monitoring, kitting (assembling and preparing product parts for shipment to the customer), and on-time delivery.

When it comes to our customers, we have only one quality policy…