Mission/Vision Statement

Mission Statement

AeroFlite Enterprises is a “customer-first” driven company, dedicated to helping global airframe manufacturers and aerospace and defense contractors like Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier produce the best performing, most reliable and safest aircraft possible—while doing our part in meeting the obligations and responsibilities for protecting the lives of airborne passengers and crews.

AeroFlite is a products and services supplier of choice for aerospace industry companies that design, engineer, develop, test and manufacture aircraft for civilian (airlines, commercial, surveillance, law enforcement) and military / defense aviation.

AeroFlite provides subassemblies and components such as electro-mechanical (electrically actuated) devices; cables and connectors used in the complex interconnected data and electrical subsystems that run throughout aircraft (and spacecraft) and which transmit informational signals and operating currents (energy).

As an exclusive authorized stocking distributor ready for immediate product distribution, AeroFlite alleviates time-consuming delays that result from ordering direct from manufacturers. AeroFlite manages inventory, stocks high-quality connectors and interconnect components, enabling the company to provide just-in-time (JIT) delivery – reliably getting products to the customer just as the customer needs them.

AeroFlite is an exclusive value-added assembly facility producing high reliability electronic connectors, custom cable assemblies and harnesses for the aerospace and military marketplace. AeroFlite operates an “in house” assembly facility with capabilities for value-added harnessing, testing and assembly of general and specialty products, connectors, cable & harness, electro-mechanical devices, fiber optic cable and molded cable.

Vision Statement

The vision of AeroFlite Enterprises management is for the company to continue to lead the industry in customer satisfaction in our market niche.

AeroFlite will implement improvement continuous programs to ensure that our products and services remain highly competitive in the marketplace at all times.

AeroFlite will provide the highest technologically advanced commercial aviation products.

AeroFlite will continue to support military and commercial contractors, sub-contractors and the airline aftermarket with our offerings in high reliability passive, electro-mechanical connectors, connector accessories, and custom cable and harness assemblies.

AeroFlite will develop new and emerging technologies that promise to further enhance aircraft safety, capacity and operational efficiencies.

AeroFlite will continue to provide best-of-class customer design integration, engineering and manufacturing capabilities in our value-added electrical connector, custom cable and harness assembly facilities.