Corsair Electrical

AeroFlite is a value-added assembly facility and an authorized distributor for Corsair Electrical. AeroFlite offers Corsair’s Aircraft Ground Power Saver Connector CJ01GP6RA and Aircraft Power Saver Receptacle MS90362-3 providing a solution to the problem of aircraft external power receptacle connector failure. Failures are the direct result of the physical engagement of the electrical contact pins on the aircraft’s fixed connector and the socket contacts on the ground supply free connector that maintains the external power connector’s coupling, causing this failure. The sphincter or gripping action of the high force socket contacts within the ground supply free connector causes premature, excess wear on the pin contacts contained in the aircraft fixed connector. Additional failure is caused by the sheer weight of the ground supply free connector, which pulls down on the electrical interface causing arcing when the power is on. Replacement of either the aircraft fixed connector and/or the ground supply free connector is a significant loss to the airline and/or airport. The solution is an adapter or the Ground Power Connector Saver (GPCS). The GPCS essentially bears the brunt of the normal use and abuse described and it requires no special provisions (such as mounting holes) for attachment to the external ground power interface. The GPCS is mated to the aircraft’s external power receptacle and when four screws are tightened it becomes a secure, but easily replaceable receptacle and aircraft flyaway component. The GPCS has been subjected to an extensive series of tests at a major aircraft manufacturer and has completed successful flight tests at major airlines. Extensive testing has proven that the addition of the GPCS provides improved electrical performance to the mated external power receptacle and ground supply free plug connectors. To remove a worn out adapter, the described screws are loosened then the two ejector screws are tightened and the adapter can then be replaced. By the addition of the GPCS, the existing external power connection is electrically enhanced. More importantly, the GPCS will be the source of any wear caused by arcing and/or repeated coupling and uncoupling of the ground supply free power plug to the fixed power receptacle. Also, the user friendliness of replacing (installing and removing) the GPCS significantly lower maintenance costs to both the airlines and airports.